How about a truly universal, free media player?

By bkoelrich ·
GOM player sounds attractive except that I'm sure somebody mentioned a completely universal, free media player that not only has all the codecs mentioned as included with GOM Player, but all of Apple's codecs as well, so it can recognize purchased, protected-format video (with audio) and audio media downloaded from the iTunes Store as well as the Internet (e.g., AAC, or is it ACC?), as well as other purchased, protected file types such as ".RAX" music tracks purchased and downloaded through Rhapsody.
Does anyone know of a free, completely self-contained, universal media player such as this that is completely safe/trusted to download so I can not only throw WMP11 in the trash, but the iTunes Player and QuickTime as well, since I only need them to play a purchased video comedy concert I bought from the iTunes Store?
Even with the codecs installed to make both WMP11 and iTunes Player/QuickTime play video tracks, they all play video in a jerky manner. With WMP, DVD video playback on it displays very jerky, and it will not expand the image to true full-screen so it fills the whole monitor screen. With iTunes and QuickTime, video acceleration of any kind must be disabled (QuickTime actually has to be set to "Safe Mode" in its video playback settings = NO acceleration of any kind in order to play purchased Apple video tracks smoothER!) Ridiculous.
I'm sure all of us who love our music and video on our PC's, and play CDs & DVDs on our PCs, would be very interested in hearing about such a player, if it really does exist (and from a trusted source so installing it won't result in any adverse "side-effects" like pop-ups, hijackers, or system de-stablization).


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VLC is the t|ts.

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Not sure how it exactly meets with the requirements as you perceive them yourself; however, I use VLC for pretty much everything you describe.

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Universal Media player that includes codecs for MOV/iTUNES A/V TRACKS?

by bkoelrich In reply to How about a truly univers ...

Maybe this is just a holiday fantasy, and I thank you for the replies I've received so far, but I'm hoping someone might know of a universal media player for all video and audio tracks, both those downloaded from the internet AND those ripped from DVDs and CDs, and that will also play DVDs and CDs in my DVD-ROM optical drive without ripping them to the my hard drive. I appreciate that people have mentioned players that include MPEG-2,3 & 4, AVI, MPG, MP3, WMA, WMV, etc. But I'm also looking for a (preferably) completely free universal player that will recognize & play all purchased, protected, encrypted tracks like "RAX" from Rhapsody's online store, and all Apple/iTunes/Quicktime formats like AAC, MOV, etc., and protected Apple tracks purchased from their iTunes store.
Right now I have Windows Media Player 11, and had to download an all-in-one codecs pack installed from just to get video to display on it (and WMP11 still plays DVDs terribly - very "jerky" video, even though it plays video downloaded from the internet fine), PowerDVD that only plays DVD discs (because WMP11 does so poorly with them), and the iTunes & Quicktime players so I can play my "MOV" video taken with my digital camera, and an iTunes video stand-up comedy concert I purchased. I'd prefer to dump as many of these players as possible and just have one with all the neecesary codecs built in so I can play anything and everything all on one player. Talk about a Christmas "wish list" item! The two responses I've received so far are for the VLC player that I do not believe will recognize RAX and other purchased, protected tracks, and also will not play the purchased Apple iTunes video comedy concert I have on my hard drive. The other player I received a link to costs money. So, before I proceed, or spend any money, I thought I'd just continue to ask around. Thanks to anyone who replies and happy holidays!

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