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How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

By clouddcirrus ·
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Intelligent Cloud: Transforming the Future of Computing
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Escape from future

by ldiscovry In reply to How AI is Transforming Cl ...
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AI Powered Cloud Industry

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to How AI is Transforming Cl ...

AI-powered algorithms are embedded in almost every software these days. You can find there uses cases in every industry.
These machine learning algorithms monitor your data storage infrastructure and learn the patterns on how your devices behave under certain circumstances and based on it they can predict when you will be needing to replace a certain component soon.
Based on your data storage increase in a certain amount of time, you can get an actual time frame about when you will be needing to upgrade to your data storage infrastructure.
Because of the rise in ransomware threats many enterprise software solutions like StoneFly's SCVM prevent the threat based on machine learning AI algorithms.
Similarly, Nutanix AOS also has machine learning algorithms that automatically optimize your infrastructure.
The other examples include the most popular online advertising channels like Google and Facebook which are operating on machine learning algorithms and optimizes ads based on user behavior.

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AI transforming cloud computing

by deborasumopayroll In reply to How AI is Transforming Cl ...

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing together are playing a significant role in improving our lives and making things so convenient and sublime. Digital assistants like amazon’s Alexa, Siri, Google home, etc. combine artificial intelligence and cloud computing and provides us the advantage of the best technology.
Now it is possible for us to give a verbal sign to our much known Alexa and listen to our favorite playlist. How can someone avoid the advantage of AI and cloud computing, mandatory elements in science and technology? It is true to say that people even don’t realize that the benefits which we are acquiring through ease connectivity, integrity, is only because of the blend of AI and cloud computing.

At a very large scale, especially in businesses, AI’s capabilities are performing its significant role in cloud computing enabling the organization to have easy access, workflow, storage and sharing of data with ensuring privacy and reliability, thereby reducing cost and energy.

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