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    How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing


    by rahulcloud ·


    Intelligent Cloud: Transforming the Future of Computing

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      Escape from future

      by ldiscovry ·

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      Great job

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      AI Powered Cloud Industry

      by henrycartersmith ·

      In reply to How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      AI-powered algorithms are embedded in almost every software these days. You can find there uses cases in every industry.
      These machine learning algorithms monitor your data storage infrastructure and learn the patterns on how your devices behave under certain circumstances and based on it they can predict when you will be needing to replace a certain component soon.
      Based on your data storage increase in a certain amount of time, you can get an actual time frame about when you will be needing to upgrade to your data storage infrastructure.
      Because of the rise in ransomware threats many enterprise software solutions like StoneFly’s SCVM prevent the threat based on machine learning AI algorithms.
      Similarly, Nutanix AOS also has machine learning algorithms that automatically optimize your infrastructure.
      The other examples include the most popular online advertising channels like Google and Facebook which are operating on machine learning algorithms and optimizes ads based on user behavior.

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      AI transforming cloud computing

      by deborasumopayroll ·

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      Artificial intelligence and cloud computing together are playing a significant role in improving our lives and making things so convenient and sublime. Digital assistants like amazon’s Alexa, Siri, Google home, etc. combine artificial intelligence and cloud computing and provides us the advantage of the best technology.
      Now it is possible for us to give a verbal sign to our much known Alexa and listen to our favorite playlist. How can someone avoid the advantage of AI and cloud computing, mandatory elements in science and technology? It is true to say that people even don’t realize that the benefits which we are acquiring through ease connectivity, integrity, is only because of the blend of AI and cloud computing.

      At a very large scale, especially in businesses, AI’s capabilities are performing its significant role in cloud computing enabling the organization to have easy access, workflow, storage and sharing of data with ensuring privacy and reliability, thereby reducing cost and energy.

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      AI and cloud computing fusion

      by pooja1588142131 ·

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      The fusion of AI and cloud computing has brought a magnificent change in information technology and also in other industries. It has changed the way in which the data used to be stored in earlier days as well as processed at several data locations. This fusion also offers distinct opportunities for AI professionals as well as cloud professionals to look for endless possibilities in the near future.
      When Cloud was used alone, the capabilities of cloud computing commodity were in several fields, but since from the time the AI cloud computing fusion has been done, it will enhance its requirement in the future and their future seems to be highly tied together. It has been found that cloud computing gets much easier to protect, scale, and handle with artificial intelligence. In the future, the time will come when no cloud technology would exist without artificial intelligence.

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      How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      by pistle123 ·

      In reply to How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      We all are aware about trends, such as the rise of mobile phones replacing desktop computers and the Internet of Things, which has made small changes to the cloud technology. But now technology experts are working on how artificial intelligence (AI) could possibly improve cloud computing just the way cloud technology has improved AI development.

      One of the largest cloud companies, IBM states that, “The combination of AI and cloud computing promises to be both a source of innovation and a means to accelerate change.”

      Cloud computing can help offer AIs with the data that they need to learn. On the other hand, the AIs can offer data that gives a cloud detailed information. Due to this symbiotic relationship between the two, it can transform the development of AI.

      Although upgrading to this technology can be costly for any business, this one time investment is worth the cost. If you are falling short on finances but are determined to make this upgrade, we suggest you to look for alternative finance options. Since the alternative finance firms offer small business loans at lower interest rates than that of the banks, it is totally sensible to seek funding from them.

      By combining the AI, the machine learning and the information stored in the cloud would mean that both the AI and humans can analyse and collect more information than they did before. Experts say that in the coming year when AI becomes a part of our daily lifestyle. We believe that AI capabilities could be only enhanced with the development of cloud technology.

      Therefore, we are observing big companies work on combining these two. The end results are sure to transform the way we view both the AI and the cloud.

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      How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      by benmartin9920 ·

      In reply to How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      The market for cloud computing has tremendously made progress over the past few years which in turn has strongly affected the lifestyle and work culture in various ways. But the cloud is a new technology, due to which companies are worried about whether it will evolve over time or not. Recent trends such as the use of mobile phones instead of computers have even made petty changes in the cloud technology. Therefore, AI has come up to enhance the cloud technology (AI is the capability of a robot controlled by a computer or a digital computer that carry out tasks that are usually linked with the intelligent beings). Cloud computing and AI are bringing major changes in the corporate world and their fusion is believed and known to be the coming future of technology.

      The cloud technology can help AI’s by providing the required information for the learning processes while the AI can help cloud by providing information that can offer more data. AI is capable of streamlining the immense capacities of the cloud. It equips cloud technology with enormous powers. It enables the machines to act, react, think and learn in the manner human beings do. AI assists different machines in learning and analyzing the historical data, making decisions and identifying the patterns. Such a process helps in eradicating the chances of human errors. Therefore, AI enhances the process of decision making of various organizations.

      Cloud technology is spread among a number of servers in various languages with huge data storage and across various geographies. Organizations can make use of this data to make up intelligent and automated solutions for customers and clients. Cloud computing is getting more powerful with AI as its applications are extended across multiple diversified sectors in the economy. Thus, even organizations can make use of AI cloud computing to attain long-term goals for their businesses.

      I hope this information will provide some deep insights of Artificial Intelligence will transform the cloud technology.

      Ben Martin

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      Importance of AI and Cloud in Business

      by oliviatrott099 ·

      In reply to How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      AI and cloud both play an important role in making things so easy and convenient. A combination of AI and cloud helps businesses smoothing their workflows, easy data sharing, and ensuring authentic access.

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      Reply To: How AI is Transforming Cloud Computing

      by iamwarnerjill ·

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      AI and cloud computing combined helps you to note your usage patterns and helps reduce the wastage of resources.

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