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How an image of a DVD bigger than a DVD blank can take?

By Healer ·
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Using ImgBurn I created an image file from a video DVD hoping to make a duplicate copy. The process did come across reading errors nearly at the end. Anyway the image file has been created and is still usable as I tested it by mounting the image with DAEMON Tools Lite and it worked fine. I could see the up to the end of the movie without missing anything. So I suppose whatever could not be read is not important and I expect the image could only be smaller not bigger under all circumstances.

However it turns out the image is too big for a DVD blank from two spindles that were bought at two different times from two different shops. ImgBurn reports Image size: 2,377,952 Sectors (4,644 MB). However the blanks from the two batches are Disc size: 2,297,888 Sectors (4,488 MB) and Disc size: 2,298,496 Sectors (4,489 MB) respectively. DVD is supposed to have 4.7GB capacity. I am not too sure of how the difference comes about. Is it like hard disk, one is the raw capacity and the other is formatted capacity?

Anyway, I can't go ahead even if I want to because I have problem as discussed on I am not too sure if the size of the blank should be bigger if it is a working blank because I have not got a working one to find out at the moment.

When I try some burning software other than ImgBurn, they ask if I want to overburn. I am not too sure what overburn is though I have had a few attempts Googling it on the Internet. I am not too sure if it means it will ask for next DVD when it gets to the end of the first one or it simply writes into the area not supposed to write. Anyhow I still couldn't achieve what I want as it eventually still failed due to some error probably attributable to the DVD blanks again.

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I never heard of overburn but....

by Slayer_ In reply to How an image of a DVD big ...

Maybe just say yes and see if it works. If it doesn't, you only lose the DVD.

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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to I never heard of overburn ...
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Reponse To Answer

by Healer In reply to I never heard of overburn ...

Please disregard the previous link. The correct topic should be

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