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How an IT Service Desk should be Run

By gorman.mi ·
Having worked in IT, Network Administration, and Support for 15 years it has always seemed to me to be backwards thinking the way a lot of corporate and Public Sector IT departments think about their HelpDesk/ServiceDesk.
Instead of viewing the Service Desk as a 'starting point nursery' to place Graduates and other IT starters, the Service Desk (I'm using Helpdesk and Servicedesk interchangably)should be staffed with highly experienced and savvy IT Engineers; specialists in fact that actually like their job. If a Servicedesk is staffed with really good support engineers with years of experience, and appropriate training credits the organisation will run that much more smoothly, IT users will be supported in their use of technology and productive work takes place. This is a valuable service, without the support entity, most organisations would be literally Chaos. Lets get the formula correctl, pay experienced Support engineers attractive salaries, and you save on having to employ back-end specialists and separate 2nd tier staff-amalgamate these.With the network and node relationship working properly you have a successful venture on your hands, your staff can all do what you pay them to do well. The Servicedesk should be something to aspire to, not a slot to place starters in.

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