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How are things out there?

By max98037 ·
I'm just about to graduate with my assoc in Network Tech. I have been doing tech support for my school for a year and have my CCNA, Net+, and MCP in 2000 server. I would like to hear from you guys out in the real world on what I should expect. I'm alittle scared of what I'll soon be encountering. Is it still really gloomy out there for entry level guys like myself?

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not so good

by roctanberg In reply to How are things out there?

Because of the government cut backs I no longer have a position as network administrator for the school district I was working for as a matter of fact the cut 6 elementary teachers 5 student counselers and closed 1 school completely.
The head net admin at this place did something every end of school year that I did not agree with and that was ask every teacher for their password, can you or anyone give me a good reason why a net admin would have a need for this ? I look at a password like a social security number for a network.

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it's tough

by lls In reply to How are things out there?

I'm in a similar position. I'm trying to break in, but all I see are positions where they want an MCSE and are paying a salary of mid $20s. I know secretaries who make twice that.
I have a BA (non-CS), certs: A+, Win NT MCP, and Win 2K MCP...about to take the Win 2K server test. Am trying to decide if I want (should) go to graduate school but don't want to be overeducated for what I want to do. (network admin)

Good luck to you. Hope things turn around soon. :)

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Ask a tech?

by Oz_Media In reply to How are things out there?

Ask a tech why something doesn't work and you'll hear about the pathetic operating system or bugs inherent in a particular system that cause it to fail.
Ask a tech what the employment options are and you'll hear about specific issues regarding a particular persons shortcomings or government cutbacks (a biggy) that cause techs to fail.

Often the half enpty glass here I'm afraid.

the job market is what YOU make of it. If you send out 30 resumes by email and get negative responses, you'll be joining the thousands of techs who figured certs gain employment, not people, and you can rest assured that theye were right, the job market sucks.

On the other hand, if you gather your certs, experiences (even unrelated) and bundle them up with a positive attitude, a solid focus of where you want to work, what you want to do and how you will help a given company acvhieve something, you'll be among the thousands of other techs who see the job market as a piece of cake to enjoy.

IT is NOT hard to get involved in, despite the pessismists, you just have to create goals and work to achieve them. The work isn't over when your certified but rather the work has just begun.

DIG DEEP, there's lots of work out there. Even as a Canadian resident, I have three US contracts that are mine due to digging. These jobs were open to US residents but the companies found that there was a huge weakness in the way people in the IT sector had approached them and it didn't give much hope or credibility to them. I targeted them and offered a 'game plan', which was seen as a new approach even though I've successfully taught many people to do this in the past.

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