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How are time changes stored?

By tjkirkpatrick ·
On a laptop running Windows 2000, I recently changed the computer time to the correct value. Since then, a 3rd party program fails to start, displaying an error message "The time on this computer has been changed" This particular program requires a password for access: after entering this (correctly) the system hangs for approx 20 seconds, with the hard disk LED illuminated, before displaying the error message.
Other people in the company have had to do a reformat, and reload all their software programs.
As I want to avoid this, can anyone tell me where in the registry any change of time is stored?

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How are time changes stored?

by charles.bosse In reply to How are time changes stor ...

How did you change the time initially? Did you do it through the BIOS setup or in the OS? Is the laptop connecting to a network? Is this 3rd party app isntalled locally or on a LAN? Is there a data file the app connects to on the LAN when it starts?Many unanswered questions here. There are really only 3 places where a client machine would get it's system time:

Local OS
Network server

Hope this helps.


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How are time changes stored?

by tjkirkpatrick In reply to How are time changes stor ...

The time was changed via the OS. The laptop is used to write programming for air conditioning controllers: after programming is completed, it is downloaded via the comms port, directly to the equipment on site, using the 3rd party software. The problem is not where the system time is obtained from, but that the 3rd party software is able to detect that the time has actually been changed, since the software was first installed. (This is obviously part of a security check to prevent unauthorised users from re-using old passwords; the access password changes each month.) I need to know how that Windows detects that there has been a time-change, I suspect that a value in the registry may have been (automatically) changed during the time update.

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