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How are you addressing DirectX vulnerability ?

By mluck ·
My company plans on addressing the recent DirectX vulnerability. This involves attempting to patch a large number of desktops (50K) worldwide. I was curious what other companies, large or small, were planning on doing about this vulnerability.

A brief nonscientific survey:

Do you plan on addressing the DirectX vulnerability?

How will you be addressing the vulnerability? (Proactive patching, ignore it, other, Etc.)

How large is your company (desktops)?

what is your timeframe for patching?

Thanks to all who can supply information !

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Check Video Drivers

by TheChas In reply to How are you addressing Di ...

Last week, Microsoft finally saw the light, and released several more version of the patch for the DirectX vulnerability.

Before deciding which patch to install for a given system, verify which version of DirectX the video driver supports.
As an example, ATI "Rage" series video cards do not have support for DirectX 9.

If a video card manufacture is out of business, you are left with whatever version of DirectX the original driver supported.

If you install a newer version of DirectX than the video driver supports, you are very apt to have a number of system problems.

Even if the video driver supports DirectX 9, you may need to install updated video drivers for the systems to function properly.

Another question for DirectX, is how many users really need it?
With the exception of video drivers that require DirectX, there is no need for DirectX on the average office PC.

After you answer the above issues, then select a few system to test the update on.
Beyond normal operation, I would check for memory leaks.


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Video drivers and DirectX

by mluck In reply to Check Video Drivers

Thanks for the insight. This fell into the category of "so obvious it was missed" during our discussions of patching/upgrading DirectX.

Sometimes we must be very obvious, thanks for the reminder!

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