How best to move website from 2003 SBS to new 2008 SBS domain?

By richardblackwood ·
I've setup a new server and new domain for a client that was running 2003 SBS on a tired old box. The new server is running 2008 SBS. Rather than migrate the problems with the old domain, I started over from scratch with the 2008 SBS box. Everything is working great. My only issue left is that I need to move the company website (external website, not internal or 'companyweb') from the 2003 box to the 2008 box so I can take the 2003 box down entirely.

I've done very little with any web stuff or IIS. Any suggestions on the best way to move the site? I know I can't 'migrate' it because domain has changed completely. What's the best way to get this done??

Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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host it with a 3rd party, and I'm not joking.

by CG IT In reply to How best to move website ...

do not host a publically accessible web site on your SBS box or any box that can get to the internal company network. Pay the $5.00 a month [$60.00 per year] for the security.

or get another box, segregate it from the company network though DMZ, seperate subnet, VLAN, multiple routers, whatever, anything but, a server that is accessible to the company network.

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