how big is memory

By ffontan1 ·
size of a kb, mb, gig

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by Fred123456 In reply to how big is memory

Is this what your looking for???

Bit- The smallest unit in computing. It can have a value of 1 or 0. You'd be hard pressed to find a file size listed in bits.

Byte - A (still small) unit of information made up of 8 bits.

Kilobyte(KB) - A unit of approximately 1000 bytes (1024 to be exact). Most download sites use kilobytes when they give file sizes.

Megabyte (MB) - A unit of approximately one million bytes (1,024 KB).

Gigabyte (GB) - Approximately 1 billion bytes (1024 MB). Most hard drive sizes are listed in gigabytes.

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K is for kilo.

by Absolutely In reply to how big is memory

'B' is for 'byte' which equals 8 bits. The letters should be capitalized in all three cases: KB, MB, GB. "1 mB" would be one millibyte, and "1 mb" would be one millibit, both of which are nonsensical.

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Google It

by rkuhn In reply to how big is memory


That was a stupid question. Any search engine could of answered it for you.

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