how can apple mac be used in the development of a pulishing outfit.

By chidi_kamuche ·
am in need of the step an procedure for the setting of an IT based publishing outfit using apple based hardware,software an assescories. pls i need your help urgently.

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Well, buy the Macs

by Dumphrey In reply to how can apple mac be used ...

install Quark, CS, a workflow system, and optional Mac Server for OPen LDAp/Mail/Chat. Install printers either on the server or workstations.
Your question is a big huge, can you narrow down the scope? Basicly you are asking for a complete network design which is hard to do beyond very generic with out more information.

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Deduct the cost of 2 MACs for the cost of QuarkXpress...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how can apple mac be used ...

QuarkXpress is the printing/publishing industry standard application:


However, you ought to be aware from the outset, that the hourly rate for a QuarkXpress-trained compositor is definitely NOT CHEAP and if you fancy saving the costs of employing professional compositors, you'll find that your output slows to a crawl and is laughed at by commercial printers worldwide.

Once your print job leaves the QuarkXpress screen, the next thing that happens is the ink hits the page - no proofs, so no time for extensive corrections.

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