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    How can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Human Resource?


    by lineaj190 ·

    How can Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize the Human Resource?
    could you please its benefits also

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      by harshatecordeon ·

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      Artificial intelligence (AI) is speedily turning into one in all the foremost in style topics in each business and science and a lot of leading technical school corporations are showing interest in AI investment. Google’s $400 million acquisition of DeepMind may be a prime example of mainstream AI application. A study conducted by the Mckinsey international Institute discovered that tech giants like Baidu and Google spent between $20 billion to $30 billion on AI last year, with 90th of this spent on R&D and preparation, and 100% on AI acquisitions. The rate at that AI is increasing is gaining momentum. A similar study determined that AI growth caused thrice the maximum amount investment in 2016 – nearly $40 billion – because it did solely 3 years past. Business sectors like health care, education, and finance are investing in AI, but mobile is one of the most promising areas for AI.
      The idea of getting a private assistant to assist & tackle everyday tasks is attracting users everyplace. However, the potential for good apps expands so much beyond digital assistants. Today, mobile applications are mistreatment AI to drastically improve user satisfaction.

      WHAT IS AI?
      The term “Artificial Intelligence” has been thrown around plenty recently, but what’s it exactly? Within the simplest terms, AI involves a machine with the flexibility to repeat intelligent behavior.AI prospects are endless, but inside the context of mobile, it is often embedded victimization chat bots or in context-aware sensors. Several corporations are getting down to adopt AI mutually of the many tools to intuitively have interaction and ultimately retain their users.Gartner predicts that intelligent apps were one among the highest 10 strategic trends for 2017, over simply digital assistants that build it simple to finish common tasks like prioritizing emails. Instead, each side of enterprise mobile apps can accommodate AI. In fact, Gartner anticipates two hundred of the world’s largest corporations can develop intelligent apps in the following year.
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      AI and Voice Search are the future of the Digital

      by fahadurrehman ·

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      This week the creators of Siri announced their new project, Viv, which they claim will outperform its predecessor in almost every sense. In March, a Japanese advertising agency announced that they’d employ the “world’s first” AI creative director to help craft television commercials. And in April, researchers at MIT demonstrated an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that could learn to detect cyber attacks with 85 percent accuracy. Also Branex CA blog claims that The stats don’t lie; as of 2017, 41% of adults conduct at least one voice search per day, and that number will keep rising. By 2020, voice searches are expected to account for 50% of all online queries, which is up from 20% in 2016.

      Clearly, consumers are getting more and more used to conducting their day-to-day searches by voice.

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      AI and Humans.How it can benefit us and at what cost.

      by asha1549254360 ·

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      The very idea of AI is to make human life easier. Despite the concern people have about loss of job opportunity and the fear of machines overtaking humans, Artificial intelligence with no doubt can improve our way of living. Artificial intelligence is designing machines which can think. Researchers want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines to make it almost like humans. Can machines behave like humans? This curiosity is what drives the researchers to modify machines like humans. But AI is like a two edged sword, it is a boon which can only be told along with its snags. Well, it goes like this…
      • Enhances efficiency and throughput
      Concern about disruptive technology is common. But AI has taken decades to improve safety in automobile. It does enhance our efficiency and throughput.
      • Tedious tasks made simple

      Humans are not best served when they do tedious work. When the machines take over the difficult work, we are free to do productive and can look over the creative aspects of work. It frees up time and energy for us.

      • Strengthens the economy

      We hear that robots will take away our jobs. This is more fiction than fact. With AI humans can work better. The unparalleled combination of humans and robots will become a normal sight in the future of workforce.

      • Enhances our lifestyle

      Some mundane tasks will be done by AI like answering emails. Smart homes can reduces energy consumption and provide security. And we can avail better healthcare, thanks to better diagnosis.

      Much of the fear with AI is due to the misunderstanding of what it is and how it should be applied. Although AI has promise for solving complex social problems, there are ethical issues and biases we must still explore. When machine intelligence exceeds our ability to understand it, or it becomes superior intelligence, we should take care to not blindly follow its recommendation and absolve ourselves of all responsibility.
      As our use of AI matures, we will find it to be clear benefit in our lives.

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      DT in Healthcare

      by katymick ·

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      Health care professionals in many parts of the country are already working with electronic systems and are experiencing benefits such as timely access to information, improved communication and collaboration, decision support and workflow, efficiency and avoided duplication as well as improved information management and patient education.

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