How can external AV HDD player works even if it's powered on?

By mp3_in_sa ·
Members, i'm new here and i need your help. After just little time use of my new 2.5 inches external AV HDD player, it started not to run even when powered on. When on, it lights in green. Before this happen, i noticed that the led lights in green then becomes red when opening a folder or while watching it direct on tv. But now, it's just plain green color. I have an IT friend who fixed this once and it works couple of times but now he's back to Philippines. It's hard to find someone here in my place (Saudi) to fix my hard drive. I wonder if anyone can help me on this.

Please go to this link to view the picture and specs since i dont see brand name on the unit except HDD player. http://www.promotional-gift.com/hdd-players/2-5-hdd-players/hm7101.htm



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What did your friend do to fix it?

by robo_dev In reply to How can external AV HDD p ...

My first guess would be that the hard drive failed.

When you power it on, listen for the sound of the motor spinning.

Next I would take it apart and listen directly to the drive. When the power is turned on, the drive should make some sounds when it's initializing, then you should hear the motor running at full speed.

Since it does not look like the unit has any cooling slots, the drive probably runs very hot, which will shorten the life of the drive.

Here's who makes it:

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by david.wallis In reply to How can external AV HDD p ...

if this uses a powered USB cable (1 usb connector at one end, splitting into 2 usb connectors at the other)

make sure they are both plugged into seperate USB ports (ive seen people plugging the 2 into each other)

they both have t be plugged in to give the device enough power :)

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Problem is resolved. My HDD is back to normal use.

by mp3_in_sa In reply to also

Guys thanks for your comments. I actually tried same thing and followed your advice but didn?t work.

To robo dev - I didn?t know that my friend did to get my drive work again. I forgot to ask him.
To david.wallis - You are right. Mine uses a powered usb (that 1 at one end splitting into 2 at the other end). And I always plugged both.

But hey guys, problem is resolved. My HDD is now working fine. I brought it to an electrician today and has been checked and found that there are 2 unscrewed threads (reason why the HDD keeps on moving upside down resulting to disconnection from the toggle). Screws are missing. Another, he spotted the other half shelf on top of hard drive loosen its alignment (this is how the drive tackle and preventing files to open). Then he enclosed and made sure the top connects to its original place. And now, we try it. And it works. Thanks.

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