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How can I ????

By gtharris ·
Hi all, i have a comp that will not boot up, even into safe mode...
i want to wipe the hard drive so i can reinstall the os etc, how can i do this?

Thanks Gra

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by sgt_shultz In reply to How can I ????

depending on the os, you will be given an opportunity to delete exisiting partitions during the install. if you do that, you will be wiping the hard drive. so just boot your installation cd and follow the prompts.
if your computer won't boot your installation cd, post back..

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by allthegoodnamesweregone In reply to How can I ????

Why won't it boot? it may be able to be repaired.

Anyway, if you want to wipe and reload, just pop in a windows xp disk, it will give you an option to format the existing partition and reinstall the OS.

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by gtharris In reply to How can I ????

thanks for the answers, the OS is Windows xp
i will give the install disc a try and see.

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by dmiles In reply to How can I ????

If you use the following steps on a hard disk that is not empty, all of the data on that hard disk is permanently deleted.
How to Partition a Master Hard Disk
To partition a master hard disk, run the fdisk command: 1. Insert the Startup disk in the floppy disk drive, restart your computer, and then use one of the following methods, depending on your operating system. For a Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, or Windows Me Startup disk:

a. When the Microsoft Windows 98 Startup menu is displayed, select the Start computer without CD-ROM support menu option, and then press ENTER.
b. At a command prompt, type fdisk, and then press ENTER.
c. View step 2.
For a Windows 95 Startup disk:

a. At a command prompt, type fdisk, and then press ENTER.
b. View step 2.

2. If your hard disk is larger than 512 MB, you receive the following message:
Your computer has a disk larger than 512 MB. This version of Windows includes improved support for large disks, resulting in more efficient use of disk space on large drives, and allowing disks over 2 GB to be formatted as a single drive.

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by willcomp In reply to How can I ????

Prior to doing a clean install of XP (or W2K) on a disk that has an OS installed (especially a corrupt OS), I prefer to wipe the hard disk. You may use hard disk manufacturer's utilities to "low level format" or write all o's or 1's to hard disk. Another alternative is Darik's Boot and Nuke (Google it).

After taking drive back to a pristine state, install XP normally like you would on a new drive.


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by OTL In reply to How can I ????

Had time. What happened with the suggestions ? Anyone help then award them the points !

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