How can I access HP laptop with Win XP SP3?

By sirwriter ·
I ran a boot time scan with Avast which I've done before. I never put a password on this machine, just hit enter and off I'd go. Ever since the Boot time scan, it wants a pass word and will not let me in. I've tried everything I know.

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Have your tried this

by markp24 In reply to How can I access HP lapto ...


try safe mode?
Try booting for UBCD4win or linux live cd to remove that password?

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Reponse To Answer

by sirwriter In reply to Have your tried this

Hi Mark, appreciate your answering. I have tried safe mode, but not UBCD4win. I have no linux on there. I am not coversant with linux, I've always put it off even though I've wanted to try it for years. I've been Microsoft Windows since the very first edition, and DOS before that, although I've forgotten the majority of DOS I knew. I'm going to get the laptop out this morning and try again. Please continue to send me ideas.

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try this

by adminmichael In reply to How can I access HP lapto ...

what are the user accounts that show up under your logon screen?
If their is an administrator account try administrator for the password. then if you can get in try to reset or even remove your password on your account from user accounts and settings

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Reponse To Answer

by sirwriter In reply to try this

Hi Michael, thanks for answering. Sorry to take so long getting back, had a pile of unexpected work. There are no other user accounts on this laptop, only mine. It is not listed on the sign in screen as an administrator account. As I said before, when I bought it, I really didn't plan on being on the internet with it as much as working off-line with downloaded info. I bought it before I really got into home networking, and, as everything else is Win 7 and home grouped networked, I just kept it separate with occasional forays onto the net to download info, programs to try, etc. I think I picked up something on one of those forays and hence the boot time scan. I don't actually know if somehow a password was actually placed on the laptop, but whereas before I just hit enter on the password screen and it booted right up, now it will not let me in. I've tried repairing the MBR. I didn't back up regularly (banging self over head) nor make a set of recovery disks (gnashing of teeth.) I have a ton of info on here I'd hate to lose, or I'd try using the " Recovery partition of the drive and boot back to scratch. This is the very thing I beat people up for all the time. And flash drives are a dime a dozen. Had it been Win 7 I'd have had it on my home net and backed up. Any other ideas?

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Try one of these.

by rch1231 In reply to How can I access HP lapto ...

Both of the other suggestions are good but this additional information may help.

1. The administrator login does not always show on the login screen but you can get to a screen that will prompt you for user name and password by hitting CTRL ALT DEL twice at the password prompt you now have.

2. UBCD4Win is the Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows and you have to create your own image using your windows install CD, copied to a directory, as the basis. It creates an ISO image that is a working copy of Windows that runs from the CD and has many build in features. Password Crackers for CMOS and Windows, File Un-delete, Partition recovery, Virus Scanners and much more. Great tool to have "Just in Case"

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windows password reset CD

by urwatuis In reply to How can I access HP lapto ...

I have a Windows password reset CD I downloaded the ISO and burned a copy but that was a long time ago and I forgot where I got it but it works great for me. try one from the several at this '' link

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