how can i access my second hard drive from another computer?

By zack247 ·
a little while ago, i bought another hard drive for my desktop computer. I also have a laptop though, on the same network throught wireless. I want to access the second hard drive on my desktop but my laptop looks for the E: drive on itself, instead of looking in my desktop. how can i access the files on that hard drive on both computers without having it be an external one?

Both computers run windows 7 home premium, except the laptop runs 64-bit and the desktop runs 32-bit.

I have already set up the two for home networking, so i can access the printer hooked up to the desktop, but the laptop cannot be accessed from the desktop because it doesn't have a password set to it. is there a way i can go around this along with accessing the second hard drive in my desktop?

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You need to share it...

by TobiF In reply to how can i access my secon ...

On the host computer (where the new drive is affixed) you need to share the drive.

As a security precaution, you can't easily share the whole drive. But if you create a folder on the drive, then you can simply right-click on that folder to share it with your home network. This should automatically make the new folder visible to your other computers.

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Thank you

by zack247 In reply to You need to share it...

For letting me know, I have never done home networking before, there is still a lot to set up, i never knew it was so easy!

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If you have ONLY Windows 7, then it's almost too easy.

by TobiF In reply to Thank you

And this is, by the way, a reason to make sure:
- that you never mark a network as "home network" if you specifically want to enable this convenient sharing;
- that the name of your home network is something different than "wifi" or "Linksys", since there's a small risk that your computer suddenly might share things when you're not at home...

It's a little bit trickier to set up sharing if you need sharing with Vista, XP or some non-windows computers. But it's still no rocket science.

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well actually...

by zack247 In reply to If you have ONLY Windows ...

i have already managed to set up a XP computer to my Win7 network, i can access my desktop from it and both my laptop and desktop can access it.

all i had to do was hook it up to my local internet box, and set the XP computer for home networking.

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use junction points to trick the OS into sharing whole drives . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to You need to share it...

on the OS C drive create an empty folder


in disk management
- select the drive that is to be shared,
- right click and select "Change Drive Letters and paths" from the context menu
- click Add
- the radio button for Mount in Empty NTFS folder should already be selected
- click browse and select the empty folder created at the beginning
- now share that mounted folder with whatever permissions desired and the whole drive will be available

this only covers the mounting in NTFS folders part


the sharing of the junction is something I tried,
and found it works

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