How can i add 2 networks to 1 NIC Card

By twizted684 ·
I have a question, i work with the College and we have 2 separate departments, and 2 separate server, I want to know, say my DHCP, is the same as the other network which is also DHCP, but the problem is they reserve the IPs as Static to certain machines on there network, now i would like to know how we can connect them to our network, we have an automatic IP address here, and how can we add them to ours if they are manually put in on the other Server? do we have to make ours also static as well? or is there another easier way? to connect certain PCs.

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by dawgit In reply to How can i add 2 networks ...

Let me see if I have this correct...
There is a Network in operation, and you want to create another Network.
Then you want your Network to be connected to the existing Network.
Is that correct?
If so, you're first point of information should be the Administrators of the first, and existing, Network. They will have to be involved anyway. At the least to prevent conflicts in the addressing of the various Computers.

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add 2 networks to 1 NIC Card in PC

by prabu_ram In reply to How can i add 2 networks ...

If your qus is to access 2 subnets(Networks) from one PC...
You can use "Advanced" options in TCP/IP Properties and assign the other network IP (Static) into it. thats it..

Moreover it will be static IP assign and not DHCP setup.

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