How can I add an off site computer to my local domain?

By jbowers726 ·
First of all, yes I do need to add several off site computers to my local domain!

I currently manage the server for a company with approx. 10 computers on site. Each of these computers is connected to the domain. The problem is that we have other buildings on the property that have their own internet connections and 2 other company/ properties down the road that also only have 1 or 2 computers that need to be part of the domain. No I can not just run a network cable to these places either. We are talking a minimum of a mile distance between each building. We have little to no budget so I am just looking for a simple way to set these computers up to the domain.

The main reason we need it is for user authentication, remote management of policies, and eventually internet filtering and shared drives on the server. Can someone help me out? Google just doens't have the information I need so far.


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