How can I ask a question on the Facebook site about a feature?

By JADavis9 ·
I have looked everywhere on the FB site and I haven't found what I need and I want to ask my question on their site. But I can't figure out where to do that. This really bugs me! It shouldn't be that difficult to do and I can see that there is a system as I can see other question/answer discussions.
I've ended up at and at the bottom of that page is a link called Ask Questions, Get Answers. But when I click it, I just get dumped back at and, once again, the obvious choice is to click the blue Go To App button. But when I do that, I am just sent to that page that I was just at, i.e.
So, the only other option that I can find is to click a link at the bottom of that page called Report/Contact This App, but that doesn't lead to anywhere that I can ask my question.

So, where can I ask a question on their site? I sure see lots of questions that user have been able to ask.

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to Support is your friend

Thanks .... that will help me a bunch.
But I've got to tell you what just happened to me. The first time that I right-clicked that link and chose Open In New Tab, it opened a TechRebublic site page that was talking about Support is your friend and the only button that I could find was one to Subscribe, which I didn't really want to do. I looked all over that page for a link to ask a question or email a question to him (I forget the name that was on it ... was it your name? I dunno...) and I finally gave up.
But I closed that tab and came back to your Reply on the TechRepublic tab that was still open. I right clicked that link again and chose Open In New Tab, and this time it opened the Contact Facebook and Facebook Support.
So, I guess know I'll try what it says on that page which is:
How do I contact Facebook support?
First, select the subject of your question from the list of topics. Then, select the appropriate contact form or answer to your question within that topic.
I'd swear that I've tried that before, but I'll give it another go!

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I'm still lost on finding Facebook help!

by JADavis9 In reply to How can I ask a question ...

I clicked on Browse Help Topics in the left column and then to give this a try I clicked Friends and it said at the top, Friends ?? Friends.
But down in the center column, I see a link saying:
Your Feedback
???Post a question in the friends forum
That's where I got to before and got lost. All I see that looks like a place where I could ask a question is a Search box saying What can we help you with? I tried that, like I did before, and I just find a list of examples of questions and the answers. But I sure don't see where I can ask a question of my own.
So is there a place to do that? That is what I had been trying to find. But maybe that doesn't exist and you are just supposed to find your own answer? That does seem like the way this world has headed in solving almost everything. I've sure been thru that mess lately with about every question that I've had, regardless of the subject area.

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Answer found on FB help

by pfeiffep In reply to How can I ask a question ...

Need to report a bug?

Please navigate to the topic below that most closely reflects the problem you are experiencing. Once you have browsed through the existing issues, you will be able to report your bug.

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I finally found out how to ask the Facebook Community

by JADavis9 In reply to How can I ask a question ...

I didn't know this but up by the Status box their is a Question link and apparently that puts the Question in your Status and also on a Questions page. I had seen that Questions page before, but I could never figure out how the Questions were ever entered. I had looked everywhere. I had no idea that they came from asking after just clicking Question up in the Status area. No Idea! Oops.

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Reponse To Answer

by JADavis9 In reply to I finally found out how t ...

Well, I posted my Question about 11 Hours Ago in the Facebook Question link in the Status area, and I haven't heard back from anyone. Maybe I'm stupid or maybe I'm just using their system wrong. I don't know ....
I asked: Could Facebook create a spelling checker for Statuses and Comments? This tool should probably work online after you hit Submit so it won't need to be downloaded since that might slow down your initial login. Then I wouldn't need to copy/paste stuff into WORD or into my Search box to check spelling and everyone wouldn't need to install the FREE Internet Explorer add-in called SPECKIE like I did at www speckie com and click Download in the left column and click the orange Download Now button.
I know that any option would need to work on lots of different devices running different operating systems and having different Apps. It would seem to be pretty complicated. But surely, Facebook is up to the challenge. They are the 3rd biggest economy in our world and there must be some reason for that!

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Reponse To Answer

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I finally found out how t ...

This is about a spell checker? If you are using Firefox, there's a spell checker built into your browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, you can download a plug-in that will add spell checking capability to IE. Either way, having spell checking in your browser will bring the capability to all web sites you visit, not just FB.

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Not about spell-checking - still about Facebook Questions

by JADavis9 In reply to How can I ask a question ...

I added a FREE plug-in that offers spelling corrections on Facebook. To get it, go to and click Download in the left column and then click the orange Download Now button.
But this Question is and always has been about trying to understand how to make Facebook's Questions site work. I am feeling pretty desperate about this and I'm really still confused about the whole process.
I've tried asking using the Ask Question link in your Status bar and I even have been marking them all Public thinking that would allow others to see them on some list somewhere even if they weren't one of my Friends. I've also messed with asking on a Questions page that I find after searching thru a list of topics. I see it telling me that there have been 67 Answers but I can't figure out how to find any Answers. They don't seem to be on that page even if I wait overnight or a whole week. Also, I don't get any emails or Facebook Notifications of an Answer ever. So, how are there 67? I might have added a few of those myself while I've been messing with it trying to understand how to use it. But, I SURE DIDN'T ADD 67!

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FB Help page

by iceflow In reply to How can I ask a question ...

For any help please navigate to the help center

<a href="">rapidshare zone</a>

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Creating an app on facebook

by reks09 In reply to How can I ask a question ...

Hi All,

I am trying to create an app on Facebook but I got this error every time I try to do so.

"You've been blocked from creating apps because we haven't been able to verify your account. You need to use your real name to maintain an account on Facebook".

Can anybody help me solve this. Any help is appreciated.

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