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How Can I automate Outlook form design

By wb ·
This is my first posting to this group. I've searched
around but cannot find the help I'm after. Here goes...

I've been given a build process that uses VB to compile
Outlook templates. Once the VB work is done I have to
launch outlook and do manual forms design/editing.

I need this to run automatically in unattended mode but
our developers don't know how to automate this step
and I don't yet know enough about the windows and
outlook development world to solve this quickly.

Below are the manual steps I want to automate. These
step are done after the various ocx's get compiled and
registered. I'm not an Outlook or VB developer so I'd
appreciate comments I can understand or precise
references to materials.



1) Launch Outlook, go into "Calandar"
2) Pull down tools/forms/design
3) Open the outlook template form that's in our source
controlled build tree
4) Delete a place holder control
5) Add a new control that the build process created
6) Place that control on the form
7) Save the form back into the build tree's template area
Exit Outlook

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