How Can I Backup Vista to a Network Drive?

By pconsite ·
I want to perform Vista's "Windows Complete PC Backup" to a Shared Network Drive but the "On A Hard Disk" option is grayed out. Is there a Registry Setting that can be changed to where it won't look for a Backup Device but just let me set the path?

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Did you find a solution for this?

by msn In reply to How Can I Backup Vista to ...

I'm running into the same issue where the Backup tool wont let me select a mapped network drive to backup to.

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CMD WBadmin works for me

by mdimas In reply to Did you find a solution f ...

After modifying the registry to allow less secure connects to Linux SMB shares (LanManager)on my Vista Box I was able to use the wbadmin service to start backups to UNC paths. I used the "Complete Backup".

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Care to Share

by ryoung In reply to CMD WBadmin works for me

Would you like to be a little more specific about what you changed in the Registry?

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by vootwerk In reply to CMD WBadmin works for me

Go to Command Prompt and run as with Admin or Backup Operator's user right. Then run the command as follow

wbadmin.exe start backup -backuptarget:\\Share folder\SHARE -allCritical -VSSfull -quiet

or for System State Bakcup use this switch

start systemstatebackup -backuptarget:

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Now how do you restore this?

by rkhands In reply to Wbadmin

OK, from the command prompt you can backup to a network share. Now can you access this network share from the DVD boot environment in order to do a bare metal restore?

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Use ntbackup to backup vista to network drive

by RAYJUNK In reply to How Can I Backup Vista to ...

I could not backup my vista PC to a shared network drive using vista backup.
My solution was to copy the following files from the Windows server 2003 "windows\system32" folder so that they were accessable from my client vista machines:

Then from the vista machines that share this drive, double click on the ntbackup.exe file and run as if you were using the backup utility from XP or server 2003. Identical files are probably available on XP as well.

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