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How can I become a systems analyst?

By kelly61 ·
Ok, I graduated w/ a b.s. in biology then took a couple classes at Devry (COBOL) and took a job using COBOL on a DEC/VAX. My skills are old and I am looking to obtain skills that are in demand. I have done programming and qa and I think that I would like to become a systems analyst and need to know what steps/classes I should be taking to lead me in that direction. I am planning on obtaining a JAVA class and will be taking my first set of Sun classes for that soon, to get in demand skills. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Want to advance but not sure what steps to take!

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by angler57 In reply to How can I become a system ...

Well Kelly sounds like you have a solid foundation from which to work. I think I would suggest selecting an OS system certification program,ie win2K,CNA etc. to round out your abilities and be up on current technology. Hope that helps.

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First things first!?

by quest2000 In reply to How can I become a system ...

Hi Kelly,
I just wanted to drop a line and may be to clarify to myself also a little. To my opinion, a System Analyst's job is not that much related to JAVA as to the networking environment and hardware part. And there are a lot to learn about how all this works without going into the programming yet, if you are relly starting. JAVA will surely be a valuable resource to you as a System Analyst, but why not Network+, iNet+ or even A+ first-- to learn what is going on around you and understand the very root of what people will be talking around you as an Analyst in future? Isn't it what makes a good real System Analyst?
Well, unless you want to be a programmer, you better start from smth else but JAVA..

Just my opinion. I am a student,and actually taking JAVA right now, but after completing A+ and Network+ certifications and working as a Tech support in MIS while in school. I think once you learn the basics you will grow in you professional life faster. Learning JAVA first and then learning the actual Systems will be sort of in reverse order...
Good luck and i myself would like to hear smth about this topic more from real System Analysts, because i want to be one and need to know if i am wrong here.


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Analysts are a dying breed

by Al Macintyre In reply to How can I become a system ...

You may be seeking a job that there will be no demand for in a few years. Now Business System Analysts make good money. These are people who have a thorough understanding of some type of business & some type of software application, and some development tools, and they tell a company what needs to be done to implement something within some cost constraints.

However, if you really want to be a Systems Analyst then you ought to get the big picture of what it really is, and programming is notpart of the job, nor is Network Administration. You need to know some of the other aspects of computing, but it is a different profession.

You might start by noodling around this web site.

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