How can I block a stolen mobile gsm phone from making calls

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I am interested in finding software, documentation or links that shows how I can either send sms message to a phone via IMEI number and disable it. Also, how do providers perform this function. Are there standard API that providers use to disable phones. For example, if I build a database of numbers to be blocked, what is the interface I have to coordinate with providers to allow them to do the blocking. Thanks to all those with suggestions or answers

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No standard

by TobiF In reply to How can I block a stolen ...

Each country and service provider has their own ways of doing things.

If you need some streamlined communication with your mobile operator, then you need to talk to your operator on how you can efficiently block services for lost or stolen SIM-cards. (Typically, that SIM card would be in a stolen phone, that's the next point)

Several countries have also implemented black-listing of phones/handsets, but, in most cases, you need to file a police report before you can have a phone included in the black list.

There's really no way to send an sms to an IMEI number. In other words: If your handset has some smart command to wipe data and commit digital harakiri, then this message needs to be sent while the subscription at least is open for incoming communication. And you send it to the lost phone number.

Or, more specifically, you send it to a phone number, and the mobile network translates this into IMSI, the "radio identity" that is hidden inside the sim card. If the SIM is replaced, then things immediately get trickier.

If the SIM has been replaced, then some operators may be able to search for the IMEI in their logs to find out which new telephone number is used with the phone. But this is quite sensitive information, so I'm not sure you'll be able to do much about it.

There's one large exception to all of this: BlackBerry has its own PIN identity, which remains the same even when you slide in a different SIM card into the phone. So here you might be able to wipe data remotely when the phone comes online with a different sim.

I also believe you have same similar possibilities with iPhone, but I know much less about that one.

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