how can I break a system password or might be called a motherboard password

By llewis2138 ·
I am a tech and a man brought me an almost new Dell laptop that had been stolen from him and when the police returned it, the system password was set so you can't get into Windows or anything. He had not registered it with Dell, so they won't give me the universal password.

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by patb071 In reply to how can I break a system ...

Have the police ask the man for the password maybe he will be kind enough to tell you. Did you see the police report to prove it was his and that it was stolen or are you taking his work for it?

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by clarkd038 In reply to how can I break a system ...

I wish I had the universal password.

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The fault lies BEFORE the theft ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to how can I break a system ...

Being a Tech, you ought to be asking yourself why the password was inactive at the time of the theft.

Had it already been set by the owner, the present problem would not exist.

Or maybe it would, if the theft has only just occurred.

It's also slightly odd that a Tech doesn't know the correct name for this type of password - BOOT PASSWORD.

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by shasca In reply to how can I break a system ...

I choose to pass on this question. Next question please!!!

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Pass

As in - your final word on the subject.

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How about

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Word

a link

After all I'm sure that the OP doesn't need to see anything as he was instructed to remove the Password by the Police Officer who dropped the Dell in so it could be used as Evidence.

Honestly the Police Forensic Lab set the Password and they should be the ones to remove it.


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by llewis2138 In reply to how can I break a system ...

So thanks anyway, guys.

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