how can i break password

By rawat.piyush007 ·

piyush is here acctually problem is that i use telnet in my college and i can`t able to break my server password coz is that they are useing cyberrome security

help me in it

if u able to do it then tell me
this is my e mail id

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yes is correct

by .Martin. In reply to Did I get that correct?

I sure hope removes his email id, from his post. that or the address will get lots of spam...

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You guys are mean! <NT>

by Kenone In reply to yes rawat.piyush007@gmail ...
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Not mean...

by C F USA In reply to You guys are mean! <NT>

They are simply verifying that the user id is correct. Afterall asked for help, and in order to get help for they are trying to make sure they have accurate information for so that in the event that someone does decide to help, then they know that the best way to contact is at

PS: Have a nice day :)

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lookout for gayporn

by Snuffy09 In reply to Not mean...
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That looks about right

by jimmy-jam In reply to What rawat.piyush007@gmai ...

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