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how can i cascade 2 routers?

By dan_venn ·
i have seen a similar question on here, however have not been able to get mine up and running.
i am trying to cascade 2 routers as we are students and have them available (rather than having to fork out for a switch).
the routers i have are both belkin 4 ports.
the first part of the network operates fine and the second router has a network connection but wont access the net. it is possible to set a DMZ but im not sure if im doing it correctly and was hoping someone could offer me some instructions on what to do???

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by CG IT In reply to how can i cascade 2 route ...

cascading? wrong term. you don't cascade routers. what your doing is segmenting your network into two smaller networks by using routers. your first network is the first router which also happens to be the gateway router. the second router is the second network and to get out must reference the first router as the gateway. Since you've got two networks each must have it's own IP address range. Also consumer routers have two interfaces. WAN and LAN. Each must be configured with an IP address.

As far as DMZ yes you could enable the DMZ port on the second router which opens up all ports to all traffic but you still have 2 networks.

cough up $30.00 and buy a 4 port switch connect it to your router. It's far faster and easier than trying to create 2 smaller networks via two routers and will give you 7 ports available [one port on the router is taken up by the connection to the switch] or check Ebay for cheapo switches.

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by wcp In reply to how can i cascade 2 route ...

Your networks are set up like the following. If this is not the case, please add a comment and correct me.

Internet ---------- Router A (Network A) ---------------------Router B (Network B)

The IP addresses are just an example and adjust them accordingly.

Network B should not have any problem of connecting Internet or Network A. If you still have problems, try Static IP address instead or talk to your ISP Tech Support.

However, it is my understanding that Network A should have problem of accessing Network B because the Router B blocks it. I do not know how to get around this. I??d appreciate if somebody helps me on this.

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by wcp In reply to

I am reposting the IP addresses.

Internet ---------- Router A (Network A) ---------------------Router B (Network B)
IP ----------- --------- --- ------
SM ---------- ---- ------ -----
DG ---------- -------- ---------- --------
DHCP ------ ------- ---------- --------

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by Screenname_203 In reply to how can i cascade 2 route ...

aight....on the first router make sure you setup a dmz on the ip address of then as you dial into the second router forward the ports to the DMZ that you just created and you should have no problem...but i dont know if this will work because you are using the same router and it will assign you the same IP address on the DHCP.

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