how can i change my mac address

By jonboy54 ·
so that email works

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what does one have to do with the other

by CG IT In reply to how can i change my mac a ...
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MAC, IP or Ports

by TheChas In reply to how can i change my mac a ...

Are you sure you do not mean your IP address or the POP, SMTP and port settings for your email client?

On most computers, the MAC address is the firmware coded address of the network card you are using. Generally, the only way to change a specific computers MAC address is to change the network card.

On the presumption that what you need to do is configure your email client, go to the support page for your email provider.

Select the email client you are using:
Outlook Express, (Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail)

And follow the setup instructions the email service provides.

If you have problems, post back with more specific details of the problem.
Include the email software you are using, email provider, and if this is a personal home system or a company system on the company network.


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Change your NIC card

by jimmy-jam In reply to how can i change my mac a ...

although I fail to see what that has to do with email...

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MAC address

by sbsk In reply to how can i change my mac a ...

there is no way to change ur mac address.
the mac address is default for all the system .
this address is given by the organization.

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by djp7in In reply to how can i change my mac a ...

No u cant change ur MAC address. bcuase MAC address is define by hardware manufacturer at the time of manufacturing NIC.

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