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How can I clone for easy restore?

By tsjohnson ·
Is it possible to clone a clean installation of
WinXP and/or WinXP Pro so that, if desired,
that 'clone' can be easily restored if the system
goes awry?

I've heard and read about Norton Ghost, but
over the years have come to lose faith in
Norton/Symantec products, particularly when it
comes to Tech Support (unless you have a
credit card ready and are prepared to let a
first-tier tech rep decide whether you pay or
not). So if there is another product available
(whether freeware, shareware, or otherwise)
that can do this, and their are members who
have successfully used such a product, I
would greatly appreciate suggestions/advice.

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to How can I clone for easy ...

Haven't had a chance to test it yet, but for free you might try g4u,
Another commercial product I have used was from Can't remember the name of it, but I just checked the website and it looks like they don't sell a stand-alone imaging program anymore. Disaster recovery is included with their backup program for $50, not sure if that would fit the bill or not.

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by grbeckmeyer In reply to

One negative thing about the Novastor product, and most likely g4u didn't allow a file-level restore. If you needed to restore anything, it was all or nothing. For pure disaster recovery not a big deal, but at the time some of the more expensive products allowed recovery of individual files, which would have been a nice option.

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by Ltop In reply to How can I clone for easy ...

Hi there,

have a look at BootIT - this is from

This is a partition and multi-boot manager that combines the features of several stand-alone products.

The partitioning tools include fast and non-destructive resizing, converting, creating, formatting, copying, moving, and deleting of partitions.

The imaging feature allows you to create a compressed image of a partition that you can quickly restore at a later time.

A complete set of multi-boot functions such as booting any partition on any hard drive, booting from the CD ROM drive, or booting multiple operating systems from a single partition are included.

good luck

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by tsjohnson In reply to How can I clone for easy ...

Thanks to both grbeckmeyer and ltop for your
responses. I have downloaded grbeckmeyer's
suggested solution and will try it on an old
Win98 PC I have to reformat and reinstall on.

I will also try ltop's suggestion and once I do,
will add a post that lets you both know what

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by peteris In reply to How can I clone for easy ...


In fact, Norton Ghost works fine for that. Just make a "ghost" copy of the installation and use it anytime to create replicas on any size harddrives.

Partition Magic is excellent too.

Haven't ever had any problems with these two.

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