How can i clone my hard disk

By babsontop4eva1 ·
My current system is operating on windows vista business, AMD 64 & and hdd size of 160GB. I have another hdd of the same size but with operating systems loaded on it but i no longer use it. I want a complete replication of the my current system on the idle disk. How can i do this?
do i have to format the un-used one to remove the OSs on it?
What i actually want is an exact replication of the current system to the idle drive.

Please help me out with steps to take.

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by brian In reply to How can i clone my hard d ...

If your hard drive is set to ATA mode in BIOs (assuming you are using SATA drives) and not AHCI, norton ghost 2003 (which you can find the boot cd online or use the emergency boot cd with ghost preloaded in it). has worked great for me in the past.


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Two Free Programs

by dldorrance In reply to How can i clone my hard d ...

This is a straight forward cloning project. Presumably your current computer will boot from a CD/ROM. You simply attach the second HDD to the computer, boot from a live CD containing cloning software and choose (carefully) which drive is the original drive and which is to be the target drive. No need to format the spare drive; the software will do that for you with a warning that it is about to destroy everything on the drive.

Here are several free programs that will do what you want:

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by babsontop4eva1 In reply to Two Free Programs

Thanks a lot
This has cleared my doubt. I wasn't sure if the software will that automatically, thought i ad to go through the formatting blah blah to remove the current OS on the spare, but now am sure.
Actually i have downloaded UNetbootin to make my (clonezille) .iso file boot-able from flash. I will proceed just as you stated.

Thanks 1ce again.

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