How can I connect 2 ISPs to 1 computer

By mandalmanas786 ·
I have 2 ISPs(One connect to office intranet and other connect to external braodband) and 1 computer(Windows7). During the day I switch between the two ISPs periodically by plugging and unplugging the cat5e cables (I never use the two ISPs at the same time). I want to simplify this process and save the RJ45 jack on my laptop from wearing out by the repeated plugging and unplugging of the cat5e cables. How can i switch between two ISP without doing this process? or is there any script that can switch between 2 ISP? or is there any hardware through which i can achieve my requirement?

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I'm not 100 percent sure, but you may need a second NIC ethernet adapter.

You could install a second NIC, maybe a USB connected one, then you would need
to switch connections in Control Panel. I've not done this, but it is probably possible
to script the change with Power Shell, or maybe Windows Scripting Host.
Maybe someone with more experience can give more detail.

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Is it possible

by PurpleSkys In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

To connect wireless to both separately? It is a laptop afterall

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Is it possible

Would have to have 2 WiFi adapters the way I understand it.
You could, I guess, use one wired NIC and the WiFi on a 2nd
ISP, then using Control Panel pick and choose which to use at
any given time. Or 2 WiFi adapters...the OP is mentioning not
desiring to wear out their CAT5 plug, so I'm assuming they are
using wired NIC access.

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Two routers or dual WAN router

by JPElectron In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

Two routers, each with a different IP scheme...

Router A:
Router B:

Then just change your NIC's IP address and default gateway to match whichever router you want to use.

They also make Dual WAN routers which you can plug two ISPs into, then create rules so some traffic goes out one ISP and other traffic goes out the other ISP, while keeping your laptop connect to the router's LAN port.

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Reponse To Answer

by Sam Cheung In reply to Two routers or dual WAN r ...

Simplest so far. You have to understand the pro and cons of Static IP/DHCP.

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Separate IP's and Cards

by Quantumlord In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

Hey Mandalmanas,
I have 2 ISP's.
One Cable , One DSL this means also 2 IP addy's
I have them both on separate ethernet cards.
Then a third IP for my local network.
Also on a separate card.

They're all linked via a www domain .AND. a local network.
So it looks as follows

Cable IP 1=router 2---255 local PC's (via Hub)
DSL IP 1=router 2---255 local PC's (via Hub)
Local IP internal hub in local pc's
So depending which system and or speed I want to use,
I enable or disable the card.
I do NOT actually need to unplug any cable.

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Use efferent SSIDs

by Mutieb In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

if you have wireless signal on both routers do the following

IP range should be changed on one of the routers e.g.
also don't forget to change the frequency channel on both or at least one of them to be on a fixed channel either 1 or 11
then you can switch between SSIDs from the network center.

I am doing this at home

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SOLUTION! simple but not sexy,....

by gabatsns In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

If you are leaving the laptop at work and not having to pack and unpack it for travel, then a very short CAT5 extension of say 1 foot length will transfer all the damage of reconnection to the far end of the extension and retain the higher through put of the cable over a wireless connection.

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Another method

by radiorange In reply to How can I connect 2 ISPs ...

Am doing the following on 3 computers, each with two LAN ports on motherboard.

LAN#1 = DSL, 40 down, 20 up
LAN#2 = Cable, 25down, 3.5 up

Host OS: Win7, which uses LAN#1.

Virtualbox running virtual machines; virtual machines use LAN#2, assigned in Virtualbox manager.

Have run simultaneously on same computer to show side-by-side, real-time, comparison.

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