How can I connect a webcam directly to an LCD screen bypassing a PC?

By AlexChampness ·
I need to connect a webcam directly to an LCD screen and not use a PC as the 'middle man'.
I have had a look and it seems like it is not possible. Surely you can get a feed into a normal LCD. Usb to VGA converter? or USB to hdmi

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by robo_dev In reply to How can I connect a webca ...

The best bet is to buy a 19" LCD TV. This has a VGA input for the PC, and has a standard RCA composite video input. Any simple video surveillance camera will plug directly into that.

Most normal LCD displays only have a DVI and VGA input, and there are no devices to go from a USB webcam to either interface.

There are video-to-vga convertors for around $50 to let you plug a video source, such as a cctv video camera or DVD player, into a monitor. But a USB web cam does not output analog video, so it's more complicated (e.g. impossible) to do that with a web cam.

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Or you could

by RayFoxxe In reply to How can I connect a webca ...

Look for USB Webcams that already has built-in software to display a live feed, there are some webcams that can do that, I know there's an A4Tech webcam which you can plug into a TV or LCD TV via a standard RCA jack with a VGA jack plug option. I don't know if they still sell that kind of webcam though. But I've seen some new webcams (actually, they're pretty much like live feed cams instead of webcams) that have HDMI and USB support for new LCD monitors.

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