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    How can i connect to different databases of BCM through programming


    by logsandeep ·

    I have created one Add-in to sync data between our database to BCM database.
    In our application, we can create more than one company database and use
    them. I am synching the data between BCM and application through use of
    BCM/Outlook objects like (ContactItems, TaskItems etc.) at the place of
    mapping field to field.

    In our database, we are keeping information about the BCM database name and
    BCM servername. So that our database will sync with the corresponding BCM

    Now, problem is if we have two databases (say, db1 and db2) in BCM and
    current active database for BCM is db2 and in our company, database mentioned
    BCM database is db1. Then how can i select db1 mentioned in our database so
    that sync will happen on the correct one?

    If there is a single database in BCM as well as in our application in that
    case there is no problem. But if both have two or more databases, then i want
    to select the BCM database on run-time.

    I want to apply this logic
    1. Get the name of the BCM database in our database (Say db1)
    2. Select db1 for BCM and make it active so that all information available
    in BCM will become with respect to db1
    3. start sync

    I have problem in the 2nd step.

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