how can i control / limit internet usage??

By singh.sukhwinder4143 ·
I have a ISP's provided Router and dlink's switch model no is DES-1016D. My internet hangs in every hour. i have to restart router and switch to start our LAN network. Please guide me where is fault?
and how can i troubleshoot this problem? and can i control / manage our internet?

THanks In advance...

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Static IP

by nishant.cusat In reply to how can i control / limit ...

Solution 1:
Ask your ISP to provide you a static IP. (They may charge you for the same).
Once you get the static IP, configure your router using it.
Next time onwards, you need not provide login credentials, as they will be saved by your router and the connection will be negotiated as and when required by the router itself.

Solution 2:
Talk to your ISP as well as the router company. If its a known issue to either of them, they may be able to help you out.

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Solution 2

by singh.sukhwinder4143 In reply to Static IP

I already talked with ISP, they said, "its at your end networking problem. it can be due to virus." but we are using norton internet security in all systems and scan regularly.

i searched in internet, and in someone's blog they said it as "storm" means when network overloads then router hangs and you need to restart to connect to internet again.

so thats why i asked to control the network activity by any software or and proxy setting

please guide me to do so...

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May be a result of many active connections

by TobiF In reply to Solution 2

Every time a piece of data goes out of your network to the internet, your router memorizes the path, in order to forward the corresponding incoming reply from the internet to the correct computer on your internal network.

So the router maintains in its internal memory a routing table. If you have many different connections active, this table becomes very big.

One thing, that uses many active connections at the same time is filesharing via the bittorrent protocol.
The bittorrent protocol has an add-on protocol, DHT, where bittorrent clients help each other to find more participants in various torrents. This protocol has even bigger appetite on parallel open connections.

Thing you can try:
1. If this is a company network, maybe some kind of firewall could help you follow and control how internet is used? (Tip: if you enable UPnP, and your router runs, say tomato-wrt, then you'll get a table of clients requesting port forwarding, and you'll see who's doing filesharing and other resource-demanding things)
2. If you're using bittorrent, try disabling DHT.
3. Get a router with a larger memory capacity. If you can't replace the ISP provided router, put it in bridge mode or declare your new routers address to be DMZ, so that it will anyway get all traffic.
4. Depending on your router's internal logics, there's a chance that correct port-forwarding may allow the router to memorize less dynamic return routes.
5. If your router allows it, you may also try to shorten the time it keeps a connection open. This will allow the router to discard table entries quicker.

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