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How can I create a business plan ?

By Elisa Martin ·
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I have a startup software company. I want to create a business plan which helps to give directions to my employees about my organization's future goals.

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by estafghto In reply to How can I create a busine ...

Did you made SWOT analysis already?

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How can I create a business plan ?

by Elisa Martin In reply to Hey

Yes, I have figured out my company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. But how can I make a plan to motivate my employees so that they give their best for achieving business goals?

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Digital transformation

by vafrin5 In reply to How can I create a busine ...

Hello! How are you doing? I was also interested in creating a business in the IT field and have already achieved some results. Do not step on my rake and immediately tackle the issue of digital transformation, sooner or later you will come to this anyway ... Here are some TOP articles on this topic, there will be questions, ask.

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What kind of plan

by mariopepper In reply to How can I create a busine ...

You already have employees but you don't have business plan yet. How is that possible? If this is your first experience in development business I guess you should better try outsourcing development. (link removed by moderator)

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business plan

by pikusage In reply to How can I create a busine ...

Of course, you are the owner then you should instruct your employees

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Competitor Analysis

by rajatrajput2816 In reply to How can I create a busine ...

You need to analyze the market and your competitors and make a blueprint accordingly. Perform regular meetings with the team heads and discuss how to improve productivity and perform advanced activities.

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