How can I create an added folder in AD for each user if it doesn't exist.

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Hi all and thanks in advance! I have gotten thrown into a server setup for our school. They had an old server 2003 system where no one was actually logging into the domain. We have put into place a Server 2008 R2 system. I have managed to get the teachers and students into the users. I have mapped the documents to the share file on the server. (U:) All of this seems to be working ok. They also have a multifunction scanner printer that they use. The scanner is set up so the teachers can scan a document to a folder on the server. Before the server upgrade, I put a subfolder inside, 1 for each teacher. I mapped to those folders in the printer so they are able to scan to their own folder. Then I manually created a shortcut to each teacher's desktop to their respective scan folder. I have decided that I need to create a folder in each of their mapped documents folder so they will have access to only their scan folder. I can't seem to find a script that will create a scan folder in their mapped documents folder, when they log on to their profile, if one doesn't exist. You can tell I am really new to this but I am all they have to work with. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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by gechurch In reply to How can I create an added ...

So each user has a U: drive mapped that they use to store their personal documents? Well a simple way would be to add the following to a logon script:
mkdir U:\Scans

If you'd rather use group policy you can. User Configuration - Preferences - Windows Settings - Folders. It sounds like this will invalidate the desktop shortcuts you have created. You can do this using the Shortcuts section in the same GPO container mentioned above.

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by Buster55 In reply to Sure

Thank you for the good advise. I will get all of this down yet!

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