How can I decrypt XP folders from a rescued drive?

By Muviman ·
I have folders on an External HDD that were encrypted on a Win XP Pro machine that was destroyed by flood waters, I now have Win 7 on a laptop and need to retrieve those folders. Is there any way of doing so?

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RE: Is there any way of doing so? .

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I decrypt XP fold ...

No there isn't a easy way of doing this.

If you ring M$ and ask them they will tell you that it's Encrypted that is what you Encrypted it for to prevent the Data being read on anything but the computer that it was created on.

Also XP and 7 use a different Encryption Method and 7 Can Not read any files Encrypted under XP. While if you have a suitable version of 7 you may have the ability to run XP Mode the files will remain unreadable. You need to decrypt the files on the XP System before moving them to a latter Windows Platform.

At best if you push M$ they will tell you to find a Friendly Cracker who may be able to help you but the reality is that to all intents and purposes these files will remain unreadable on anything but the system that they where made on.

You can possibly find a Data Recovery House who can break the encryption but it will cost you and the only other alternative is if you work for Law Enforcement Authorities they will have the necessary expertize to break the encryption but the majority of people will be unable to break the encryption that was placed there deliberately to prevent the files being read.

However if you followed the directions from M$ when you encrypted the files you can get a XP system mount the encryption Key and then read the files. Ideally you should save them Not Encrypted to some media and then move them to the 7 Platform. The directions to mount the Recovery Agent are here

But you will need a system running XP Pro not home.


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