How can I delete a service?

By BuddingLeader ·
I have a service that I have already disabled and it is not running, but I would like to delete it. On WIN server 2003 R2.

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Uninstall related program

by TobiF In reply to How can I delete a servic ...

Or ("avoid trying this at home, kids!") go hunting in the registry.

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by BuddingLeader In reply to Uninstall related program

but this service remained even after uninstalling the "parent" program. And messing with the registry is my last resort.
Thanks anyways for your suggestions.

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sc delete servicename

by Churdoo In reply to How can I delete a servic ...

From a CMD prompt:
sc delete servicename
where servicename = the service name from the service's properties, not necessarily the name as it's listed in the services.msc panel.

enter SC alone for the command description and options.

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this was it

by BuddingLeader In reply to sc delete servicename

this command was exactly what I was looking for, Thank you!

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If all else fails - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services

by neilb@uk In reply to How can I delete a servic ...

And rip the relevant service key right out. If it's a "normal" service then you will find it straightforward. Some viruses will remove the necessary permissions and you have to grant yourself the rights.

Check the values and see what executable it was running and delete them.


Please be aware that this can totally screw your machine up and, if that happens, the only response that you would subsequently get from me (and most of the other peers on this site) would be one of maniacal laughter.

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cautiously deny this suggestion

by BuddingLeader In reply to If all else fails - HKEY_ ...

while registry edits are sometimes neccessary, I always leave it as the last possible option. I really don't like being the responsible party for a production server outage... just personal preference.

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Well, my post was CLEARLY prefixed

by neilb@uk In reply to cautiously deny this sugg ...

with "If all else fails". With the case of a viruse this might well be your only resort.

However, I'm not such a thumb junky that I would take begrudged thanks. Feel free not to take my advice.

Neil :_|

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