How can I enter in Wireless Network

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I have just join a new company. I got a laptop & I just wanna use wireless network. my laptop is deducting my network fine.when I press connect it search for the network but come to the same point without giving any error. I m not able to connect network. what should i do to connect? I have never worked on wireless environment. Pls. help me.

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The most likely reason will be security related

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can I enter in Wirele ...

You'll need to approach your System Administrator and make sure that your NB has been allocated a connection through whatever security system they are using.

They could be using WEP or MAC Addressing or a combination of both that is preventing a connection being made through the WiFi connection.

Or it could be something simple like you need to run the WiFi Network Setup Wizard and configure the Wireless connection to your network. Each WiFi Network has it's own unique connection method and you need to build up a range of different user profiles to allow a NB to connect to different WiFi Connections.

The directions to do this should be in the users manual but I very much doubt that your companies network will be wide open so the IT Section should be the ones setting up the WiFi connection into their LAN.

As far as other connections are concerned the help Files in XP will show you exactly how to setup a WiFi Connection.


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How can I enter in Wireless Network

by dharm_gold In reply to How can I enter in Wirele ...

How can I enter in Wireless Network

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