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    How can I estimate future needs (upgrade


    by newyorkcityboy69 ·

    I would like some tips in order to estimate future needs, like upgrades to hardware/software, extra disk space, hardware acquisitions, etc.

    It?s very difficult sometimes for an IS manager planning and budgeting. I hope some of you share your expertise and spread your current criteria in this issue.

    I?ll appreciate your comments, either posted here or sent to my email address:

    Thanks in advance,


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      How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

      by james r linn ·

      In reply to How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

      Start with a running trendline.

      Take your data on usage for the past 5 years and do a trendline. And then add in any extraordinary events which might affect that trend and adjust.

      For things like hardware upgrades, if performance is not a current issue, we look at either a 3 or 4 year turnover of assets – servers etc. This should be based on either your warranty period, your depreciation schedule or current practise.

      You then need to look at technology trends. We tend to switch OSs every X years, and its often better to come in with new hardware at that time. The same goes for server based apps like mail. Project out when some of your future migrations might take place and plan for some hardware refresh being driven by that.

      Thats a start.


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      How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

      by timthetoolman ·

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      Yes, it is very difficult indeed to estimate future needs in an industry that changes so quickly!

      I guess you really need to start with the business. Their needs should be the driving force behind your decisions. Their needs will dictate what software you’ll be considering in the future…

      Are you planning to implement any “basic” systems over the next year? – for instance financial, payroll or stock management systems would fall into this category.

      Integrating these systems also falls into this category, but may involve major changes – throwing away old systems and moving to an integrated solution.

      Are you planning to implement any business extensions? – for instance e-business solutions, data warehousing, data mining or automation systems?

      Then there are the simpler ones like Fileserving and email. These ones are relatively simple to determine requirements – a bit of simple extrapolation along with projected company staff growth will suffice.

      Once you know that and have researched possible packages from the marketplace – also ones that are being developed, then you’re going to have an idea of your short to medium term strategy for IT in your company.

      Only then will you have a good idea of what is going to be required in the future.

      One good rule of thumb is that you should hold off on hardware purchases for as long as possible. If you do this, then you will get more powerful equipment for the same money when it actually comes time to purchase.

      I’ve seen businesses hold off on buying their production hardware until well into the acceptance testing cycle.

      Hope this heps you,

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      How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

      by jhippo ·

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      The key to sucessful planning, is having a very accurate inventory of all your hardware, software, storage, applications, etc. Then based on your stragetic plan, you can begin to develop a spending plan based on what needs to be upgraded, replaced,and developed. Also, maintain a software license database, tracking all licenses, renewal dates, costs, support costs, etc….this will allow you to better track and plan for software licensing expenses, which is probably the most difficult to planfor…

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      How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

      by newyorkcityboy69 ·

      In reply to How can I estimate future needs (upgrade

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