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How can I find a SQL database size from 3 months ago.

By brangran ·
We are about to start an upgrade to our EMR and the vendor is wanting to know the current size of our database which is easly found but they are also wanting the size from 3 months ago.

If we would have known ahead of time we could have been monitoring the db growth. Any ideas of how to get even a rough estimate?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How can I find a SQL data ...

Only way I know is to restore a 3 month old back up. That will give you a compact size though, not an active one.
I suspect what they really want know is how much it's grown in the last 3 months, ie and average amount of data. so the size of an old backup, versus the size of new one should get them a decent clue.

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Look on the backup tape directory

by oldbaritone In reply to How can I find a SQL data ...

See what the size was from a backup run 3 months ago. Usually, you can see the size of the file without actually restoring it.

You do have backups, don't you?

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symantec backup 2010

by brangran In reply to Look on the backup tape d ...

I tried looking on our backup through symantec but was unable to find the specific database file. I was only able to view the folder that database file along with many others are stored. I'm sure there is a way to see at the file level but I don't have much experience with backup exec.

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