How can I find out if a font is compatible?

By individjewel ·
Firstly, I apologize if I don't seem to make sense - I'm not computer savvy!

All I want to do is use this font - Tw Cen MT - to make my resume. I want to send this document out to various prospective employers via email.

My neice told me that this(newer)font? may not show up as intended due to the program the receiver uses to read the document. (At least I think this is what she meant.) She said to use Arial (snore) instead.

I am using Open Office and I just want to know how (or if) I can save this resume using this font and successfully email it to someone whom is using an older (or any) version of Windows?

Can someone - anyone - please help?

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Couple Of Points

by TheChas In reply to How can I find out if a f ...

First, your niece is correct. If the intended reader of the document does not have the font you use installed, the document will not look like you want it to. I just looked on my XP system and neither Open Office or Word list TW Cen MT as an available font.

In fact, most companies would look at a document requesting to download and install a font as a problem and just delete your resume.

It is best to stick with standard fonts. Ariel, Times New Roman and the rest of the standard fonts are best. Make sure to not use too small or too large a font size.

Second, save the copy of the resume that you will send out as either a .doc (Word) document, or as a .rtf (rich text) document. That way just about anyone will be able to open and view your resume.


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Re: Font question

by individjewel In reply to Couple Of Points

Hello TheChas,

Thank you so much for your self-explanatory and quick reply! I REALLY appreciate your help, it's just so refreshing to have someone explain something in "non-technical" terms! If I encounter any more problems, I hope you will be the person that lends your non-judgmental expertise...


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Well since Chas was helpful

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re: Font question

Perhaps you'll consider awarding his response a Thumb. After all he did help you understand why things are the way that they are.


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A suggestion

by Bizzo In reply to How can I find out if a f ...

Why not send them a pdf of your resume, instead of a doc?

Go here and download/install cutepdf writer.

Once you've completed your resume in Word, print it to cutepdf and it will create a pdf file of your resume. That way, you can have whatever fonts you want without the recipient having to install them.

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