How can I find PC's in use ?

By Flidmouse ·
We have 1000+open access PC's in various rooms across different buildings, which are represented as such in different OU's in our new Active Directory setup.
Is there a way I can find out how many of those PC's in each group have a user logged in to them, without having a client on each machine transmitting its MAC address and a time stamp to a database, for example.
What I am trying to do is to generate a webpage with a view of all our open access suite's and the number of available ( not being used ) PC's in each one. ( Who is actually logged in may be required later, am awaiting a senior management decision... )
Under Novell Zenworks I had a client on each PC with a unique room identifier transmitting its MAC address and a timestamp to a database, from which a script would work out how many PC's were available where. I am trying to avoid anything having to be installed client-side, if possible.
Thanks in advance

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by robo_dev In reply to How can I find PC's in us ...

It may be possible to see this through some data mining, by looking at last login times in AD, by doing a DSQuery, although it may be tricky to spot those computer users who stay logged on forever.

Every Windows OS has the SNMP client as a native (yet disabled) component of the OS. With a server acting as a SNMP monitor (there are literally dozens of these, both open source and commercial), you will see a nice pretty list showing a green dot next to each online workstation. I use this at home with a Netbotz appliance as the SNMP monitor.You would have to enable the Windows SNMP agent on each PC, but I assume that could be done remotely without too much effort.

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