How can I find the IP address of a router 2 years old

By jcroll ·
I have a D-Link DI-1137 router, which was used in one of our firms other two offices, these offices closed, and so now has been sat on a shelf gathering dust. I have done the following:

1) pinged the possible IP address's, of or 94.250, or 95.250
2) connected it via a small powered switch to the laptop
3) set the laptop IP address to, and the same subnet mask.
4) ran "Advanced IP Scanner v1.5 from" on the laptop, and scanned the range of to, no response has been detected by the app from the router.

I have got no ping backs at all, I dont know what to do, and I desperately need to get this router up and running.

Has anyone any suggestions?



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At this point...

by cmiller5400 In reply to How can I find the IP add ...

I'd just do a hard reset on it and reconfigure.

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How about the obvious first?

by seanferd In reply to How can I find the IP add ...

Reset the router, and use the default IP that this router uses? (Either find your manual or download a copy, it certainly will come in handy.)

"pinged the possible IP address's,"

You've only covered one group in the private address space.

I would seriously consider as the most obvious possibility.

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Load Factory Defaults

by oldbaritone In reply to How can I find the IP add ...

Since you describe the router as "has been sat on a shelf gathering dust" you really don't need any of the information in it.

Just do a hard reset and load the factory defaults. If you don't know how, it's in the manual. After you do that, everything else explained in the manual will match too.

Here's a link to a page with D-link manuals:

Not your exact one, but you can dig a little and find it, or see if the 1135 is close enough.

and here's a link to how to do it**714_set-up-dlink-wireless-router.html

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Edited out.

by Ron K. In reply to How can I find the IP add ...

I haven't had enough coffee to totally understand the question. <br>
I believe I'll take a nap now.

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by DMambo In reply to How can I find the IP add ...

If for some reason you don't want to reset it to defaults and reconfigure it, then setup your PC to get it's address from DHCP and run ipconfig /all from the command prompt. This will list the gateway. Enter that address into your browser and you should be able administer the router. It looks to me that the router's not in the 10.0.94(or 95.0 subnet.

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Status Update

by jcroll In reply to DHCP - IPCONFIG

Hi Guys, most of the obvious I have tried, I am currently running an IP scanner around the clock on it, but am concerned my laptops IP/Subnet wont match and therefore, it will ping the correct IP address and not get a reply. I have looked for the 1137's manual but could not find it, so therefore dont know how to perform a full reset. The router was set outside of DHCP, so that wont work either unfortunately, I will try and find the manual again, but I am not holding out much hope for this!

Any further words of wisdom?

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Reset? (Oh, fun wow.)

by seanferd In reply to Status Update

Press in the little button. (OK, maybe don't.)

After a bit of net-fu, I got you this:

Poke around in that directory. And yeah, they apparently "disappeared" this model from all the dlink sites. I've seen it happen before...

P.S. Have fun - this isn't a regular router. And you'll have to telnet in.

P.P.S. You may just have an account with dlink for this, ring them with the serial number and find out.

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Well crap.

by Ron K. In reply to DHCP - IPCONFIG

Your reply is pretty much everything that I edited out. <br>

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