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How can I find win 7 x86 users for a study?

By joona.laukkanen ·
I will be evaluating a prototype scalable and tiling window manager for Windows 7 in a user study ( My problem is that finding participants is slightly difficult; first of all my software currently only runs on x86 and secondly, I don't know what would be the best forum for this kind of participant recruitment - any hints where I should look?

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You sort of asked here,

by seanferd In reply to How can I find win 7 x86 ...

so, you could make the invitation "formal" by providing some method to contact you. (Don't post un-obfuscated email addresses.) Would the web address you posted be good?

[edit: Answered my own question. Yes. ]

Then, why not ask in the various Windows 7 forums hosted by Microsoft and other sites? Sites which center on UI tools and customizations for 7 would probably be really good places to ask. (Even places like DeviantArt.)

Then there's always the corkboard in the campus libraries...

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I sort of did

by joona.laukkanen In reply to How can I find win 7 x86 ...

I have been posting messages to windows 7 forums but my page is still not getting much traffic. Those hosted by Microsoft seem to be more for technical questions than advertisements so I haven't posted there.. DeviantArt I hadn't thought about - excellent suggestion (just the kind I was hoping to get from someone here). I'll post something there.. Corkboard might be good otherwise but since I'm specifically trying to recruit participants from a wider audience I'll try and see if I will not have to..


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