How can I fix a dead mother board?

By Rawan91 ·
I accidenatlly spilled some water on my laptop the other day and left it to dry for a few days. It then used to switch on fine but whenever I'd plug in the charger it would turn right off. Now, it wont even switch on and I think the mother board is fried. I have very important files on that computer. Any ideas on how to fix the motherboard or at least get the files out?

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Bad news

by JamesRL In reply to How can I fix a dead moth ...

Your motherboard is likely toast. If it ever happens again, try taking apart the laptop and drying things off individually.

Your hard drive may or may not be recoverable. Its unlikely that water got into the platters. Hopefully the controller board for the HD and stayed dry as well.

If the HD is ok, you can take it out of the laptop and attch it to another PC to extract your data. You can install it internally or put it in an external enclosure that attachs via USB.

If the controller is water damaged, you could find another HD of the same make and model and swap the controller boards then install it in another PC.

There are companies that do this kind of work but typically they charge very big bucks.


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exchange montherboard

by Rawan91 In reply to Bad news

Thanks for replying, it was quite helpful. I took my laptop into servicing because I couldn't figure out what to do myself anymore. they're saying they could buy some spare parts and change the motherboard or the parts that have short circuited. So I hope that works, school is starting soon and I'll need my laptop in tow!

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