How can I fix corrupted recycle Bin?

By hakeem.shagosh ·
The Recycle Bin of one my user's laptop is corrupted, I tried just about everything, the only thing I really don?t want to do is delete the user profile. Anyone have any idea this laptop running xp64

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What do you mean by "corrupted"? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How can I fix corrupted r ...

That could be anything at all.

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Yes, please describe.

by seanferd In reply to How can I fix corrupted r ...

Without knowing what it looks like, the behavior, or any technical facts, there isn't much we could suggest.

And which version of Window is it?

And if there is an installed application which modifies the recycle bin, which?
(e.g., Norton protected Recycle Bin)

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Generic requirements

by seanferd In reply to Yes, please describe.

For any account, these must exist:


For a particular user account, in the RECYCLER directory, these must exist:

C:\RECYCLER\(directory named with user SID)\
containing these two files:
INFO2 (Hidden)
desktop.ini (System, Hidden)

If missing, copy one from a different recycle bin entry. Otherwise, the file contains this


at least on XP systems.

Here is a registry entry patch, if needed. (For XP).

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I found a solution

by hakeem.shagosh In reply to Generic requirements

I found a solution for this problem:
I navigated to the C drive I found directory called RECYCLER, I rename it to RECYCLER2.
Than I created an empty text document saved it on the desktop, than I deleted it, I open the recycle bin, the file I just deleted was there, so I went back to the C drive and found that the explorer created a new \ RECYCLER directory, so the deleted the RECYCLER2 and the problem went away

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Here are more details

by hakeem.shagosh In reply to Yes, please describe.

When I open the Recycle Bin on the user's laptop it shows it is empty no matter how many file I just deleted.

When I right click on the Recycle Bin, and click on empty Recycle Bin than this Error Message comes up

Error Message: The Recycle Bin on C Is Corrupt or Invalid. Do You Want to Empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?

I click ok than it will ask me to confirm the deletion of every file I just deleted one by one until it reach a name of a folder that my user told me he deleted some time ago.

I search the folder name and it is no where to be found.
My user running xp pro 64bit OS

Here is what i tried out so far download a Windows XP Patch from it did not fix the problem

I tried to delete the info file by entering the attrib -h info*.* on the command line
Than Del info. it did not fix the problem

All the files that seanferd from Ohio talked about do exist

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