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    How can I fix messed up folder view in Notes 8 Mail client?


    by danwingss ·

    We have recently migrated to Notes/Domino 8 and have had a couple issues with migrating a few users that were on Outlook. These users had very large .pst files and used many folders.

    One particular user tried to merge some folders and they (folders) seem to be corrupt. They look blank and in some cases have no name. However, the messages appear to still be there as I can find them in the all documents view. Is there a way to fix the folder views?

    I have a local copy of their mail file, but the messages are not in the same folders and about 2000 of 12000 messages are missing. If I can’t fix the folders view, can I easily compare/merge the messages? Or can I get Lotus Notes repair tool? NSF is over 7 GB.

    Thank you!

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