How can I fix my 500gb 2.5" HDD?

By jhaytech ·
hi guys. i have a problem about my hdd. I have 500gb 2.5" SATA HDD. I've used it over a year ago. But my hard drive contains 500gb turned into 0gb. I dont know what are the cause and how can i fix it. I need your urgent advise guys.



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Are you saying that the HDD in question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How can I fix my 500gb 2. ...

Shows no available space and Data or that the Computers OS that you are plugging it into wants to format the drive?

For starters you should check the drive with it's makers Testing Utility available on the Makers Web Site to see if the drive is actually in working condition.

The other thing to consider is what OS was it last plugged into and is the one you are plugging it into now different?

For instance Windows computers are unable to Read HDD formatted for Apple or Linux Computers natively. You need to install special Software to allow the Windows System to read the drive.

Also 7 Computers may be unable to read a NTFS Drive that was originally made on a older Windows System where the NTFS System is not compatible with the improved security available with 7.

As to how you proceed it all depends on what you where using and what you currently have available and there is no easy answer other than plugging the drive back into the computer you last used it with and making a copy of your Data.

Another possibility is that the HDD has lost the Data Stored to it and while this isn't common it's not uncommon by the same token. Some HDD not used just loose anything written to them over time.

So if you would like to post back with more information we'll try to help you out here but if the Data is Important instead of just Nice to recover you should do nothing and send the drive to a Data Recovery Specialist and pay to recover what they can if any.

If it's not important to recover anything from the drive you can Format it after checking it with it's Makers Testing Utility and confirming that it's working without problems.


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