How can I force Internet Explorer to Close

By tpry ·
I need to setup a Kiosk system and need to force Internet Explorer to close or disconnect after 3 minutes of idle time.
I'm really under the wire on this and haven't found anything helpful in searching. PLEASE If someone has an answer let me know.

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Force A Logout

by shhite In reply to How can I force Internet ...

I don't know of anything that will just shut down one program but you can force a logout which will shut down any active programs and log the user out. Not sure if this will work for you or not but here is the link to show you how if you are using Windows XP

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Doesn't that defeat the object of Kiosk?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How can I force Internet ...

Unless you've figured out a way for Kiosk to log in to the internet on its own when a user activates the screen.

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You could write a program to do it

by Slayer_ In reply to How can I force Internet ...

It would not be hard to create. Every 3 minutes, check if the mouse has moved. If so, close the browser using a combination of FindWindow and the command "WM_Close" (I think it's WM).

The only way this could glitch is if the user leaves the mouse in the exact same position for a long time. Might be a good idea to put up a timer display saying, you have 10 seconds to move the mouse or the browser will shut down so the current user knows whats going to happen to them.

You could probably write the whole program in less than 50 lines of code in pretty much any high level language.

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I'm missing what closing IE has to do with a Kiosk

by CG IT In reply to How can I force Internet ...

I'm with Older Mycroft....Usually Kiosks are web applications that uses use a touch screen to manuver through pages.

Since the web application needs a browser to work, closing it would require the next user who wants to use the kiosk to open it. What's the point.

Annonymous access for Kiosks in IIS is the norm and that's read only unless someone messed up and granted additional rights to annonymous access.

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ctrl shift escape

by lars_honeytoast In reply to How can I force Internet ...

brings up task manager, then you can right-click IE and end the task.

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The use of this machine is, and doesn't defeat the Kiosk purpose

by tpry In reply to How can I force Internet ...

This machine will be used for employees to view information on insurance and other things. The PC auoto logs in to the network and through a GP and a PAC file I can get the access to the Internet to specific sites. But if a person walks away and doesn't close IE I need it to time out and close, so no one could see their information.
I could do an autologoff but the PC will not be in use all the time and would be logging in and out all the time.

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Set the nework card to disconnect after 3 mins idle

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to How can I force Internet ...

as a powersaving setting.

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That would still leave the page up

by shhite In reply to Set the nework card to di ...

If IE is still up and no one try's to move away from the page the information will still be displayed

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Try this one.

by shhite In reply to How can I force Internet ...

Auto Close Idle Program

I am not sure if it will let you set it to close after a certain amount of time or not but it looks like it is close to what you need.

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