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    how can i freedownloads audio drivers


    by ddcsyangja ·

    i have not audio driver my laptop computer so i want download a audio drivers free of costs.

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      by ddcsyangja ·

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      Well all that is required here is to

      by oh smeg ·

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      Go to the NB Makers Web Site and then select their Downloads page and select your NB and download the drivers for it.

      Some NB makers have Service Tags which will point you to the actual hardware in your Model NB but others just will list a model with several different drivers for different hardware though these are mostly things like Video, Wireless, and Modem Driver all new NB’s that I’ve seen recently use Realtech Audio but you will need to download the Drivers for your Hardware and OS as XP drivers are different to Vista & 7 Drivers as well as there may be a difference between 32 7 64 Bit Drivers for the different OS’s.

      All of the Realtech drivers are available from Realtech here

      You should however use the NB Makers Drivers if you can get them.


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