How can I get a "Align to grid" View option in Windows 7 windows?

By eswierc ·
XP has the View option to align icon shortcuts to a grid on both the desktop and within individual windows. Windows 7 only has this option for icons appearing on the desktop. Is there any way to add this "Align to Grid" View option to individual windows in Windows 7?
I prefer to group shortcut icons on my desktop into separate windows according to category. For example, I will group all the shortcuts relating to publishing into a single window, then use a single shortcut on the desktop labled "publishing programs" to see all these shortcuts. However, Windows 7 does not allow me to group those shortcuts within that secondary window to a grid as does XP. Alighning to grid allows custom placement and grouping of the shortcut icons in a window rather than being restricted to alphabetical order, content, etc.

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Enable or disable "Align to Grid" desktop icons in Windows 7

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by eswierc In reply to Enable or disable "Align ...

I have no problem with the desktop icons and "Align to Grid". What I am looking for is to ALSO have this feature available within other windows I call up from the desktop. Say for example I create a new folder called "Publishing Programs" on my drive C and then send a shortcut for this folder to the desktop. Then I drag all my publishing program icons existing on my desktop into the new "Publishing Programs" shortcut, effectively placing all of them into that folder, relieving the clutter on the destop. Now when I click on the "Publishing Programs" icon from my desktop, I will see all my publishing program icons convienently appear together in a new window. It is within THAT window that I want to align all all the icons according to the grid. This option is available in XP but not in Windows 7. How can the Align to Grid option be extened to this new window?

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Enable or disable "Align to Grid" desktop icons in Windows 7

by eswierc In reply to How can I get a "Align to ...

What you have posted as "Replies" is from the original question asker and is a clarification to the original question and a reply to Peconet Tietokoneet. You wrongly show that this "Replies" post is from Tietokoneet. This post is a reply TO Tietokoneet.

Somehow you also now have removed me (the one who originally asked the question) from receiving any more updates on this question.

Hopefully, 2012 will be better.

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